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Nuclear Energy Can Save US--America�s 100 nukes equal four million barrels of oil per day.

Billions of lives and civilization itself may be at risk from the Global Warming & End of Cheap Oil, Crisis. Rising sea levels and rising oil prices could be the end of civilization as we know it. The problem is so huge that the most powerful answer, many nuclear plants, must be deployed. Currently, America‘s 100 nukes deliver the energy of four million barrels of oil per day. Wind and solar cannot do the job, and may delay the real answer too long. Still, all kinds of clean energy, plus conservation, plus reducing deforestation, will be needed to help the poor half of the world, and for civilization to survive through this century.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

One Billion Tons of Coal

All of my life I have been interested in how energy is produced. For the last 28 years that interest has turned into serious worry.
The DuPont Magazine “Context”, Spring 1979, had a picture with the following caption “Shown above are loaded coal hopper cars awaiting shipment. This can give some idea of America’s energy appetite when you consider that coal is our least important fuel (18%)”. Coal is now 23%, and sure to rise further. The picture shows, what may be as many as 100 railroad sidings, a half mile or so long, teeming with coal hopper cars, (just a portion of more than one billion tons of coal that were burned that year in the United States). My concern was only about the air pollution that would come from burning so much coal. We knew that coal burning effluents contained nitric and sulfuric oxides; radioactive radon, thorium and U-235; soot; organic carcinogens, etc. which are positively dangerous to our health. Today however, we know of the even more serious danger of the otherwise benign, CO2 discharge, and the Global Warming that it might help to cause.
This leads to my primary worry about energy; only nuclear plants deliver massive quantities of clean, non-greenhouse gas energy, that can compete with, and replace, fossil fuels. One pound of nuclear fuel produces the same energy as 200,000 pounds of coal. Wind energy is alright, but it cannot solve the greenhouse problem, unless hundreds of thousands of turbines, better yet, millions of them, are built. Unless that is what we shoot for, wind energy will only divert attention from the real solution.
(100 nuclear plants produce 8Q of energy per year; 1.2 billion tons of coal produce about 24Q, three times as much; 2000 tons of uranium fuel in the 100 nukes, produce as much energy as 400,000,000 tons of coal; one ton of Uranium fuel produces as much as 200,000 tons of coal; one pound of Uranium fuel equals 200,000 pounds of coal.)


Armand Rousso said...

Keeping with the energy mix. Coal has been forgotten, not only as afuel on its own but also that slurries of coal are useful byproducts. Including mixtures for energy. why not using coal and ethanol, the latter being like lead a high energetic additive and also more maleable to environment issues by lab researches going on. Therefore a cheap source is available and stunningly its the technology which is not adapted.
Armand Rousso

shawrich said...

Sorry Armand; I am new at this game and tried to e-mail an answer to you, but Compuserve said "You supplied an improper realm for this member". I have no idea what this means. I answered you with the Post "Answer to a Comment". I hope you saw it, or this message. I cannot understand how you have any use for coal.Coal burning pro-duces discharges of lead, mercury, hundreds of organic carcinogens, both nitric and sulfuric oxides, greenhouse CO2 by the billions of tons, and radioactive U-235 (see Post "Coal Beds as Uranium Mines"), thorium and radon. R.Shaw

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.